PUBG Mobile’s Next Update Will Introduce New Weapons & Vehicle

Tencent is ready to push a new update to PUBG Mobile, and just like every update, some new surprises are coming in. The official tweet from PUBG Mobile’s twitter handle confirms that the latest update brings new weapons and vehicles.

PUBG Mobile’s Next Update is Introducing New Weapons & Vehicle

The next update of PUBG Mobile will introduce a new vehicle that is BRDM-2 vehicle and weapons such as a handgun, and desert eagle.

The new vehicle, BRDM-2 amphibious, will come in the replacement of Armoured UAZ and can be called using an airdrop in between the matches. The BRDM-2 amphibious is stronger than the Armoured UAZ with a total HP of 2,500.

As the name, BRDM-2 amphibious, suggest that players will be able to drive it on land and shallow water as well. This makes it pretty cool as they search for bridges that will not be an issue while the blue-zone is following you like a mad-dog. But, this vehicle is not common and can be found only in airdrops, which gives this privilege to only a few teams in a match.

BRDM-2 amphibious will be able to reach a top speed 22 mph in water, and while on land; you can drive it at high speed of 102 mph with the boost. The vehicle is a four-seater, and players can’t shoot while sitting in the vehicle. The bulletproof tires and body will protect you from grenades and bullets.

A few more stuff that is added to the update includes the exploding of fuel canisters. In the update 0.15.0, players will be able to blow fuel cans. Players can use it as a trap against their enemies or in many other ways. 

The update 0.15.0 will be announced soon, and as of now, there is no fixed date for the next update.

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