PUBG Mobile Update: Library Map With New Game Mode Spotted

Currently, everyone is staying inside the home only due to lockdown. So by staying home, many people are playing PUBG and enjoying the unofficial vacation. So if you are a PUBG Lover, then PUBG Mobile has launched Library Map with the new game mode in china. For details, check full post.

PUBG Mobile Beta Version gets Library Map and a New Game Mode


Tencent is already celebrating 2nd anniversary of PUBG with new modes. After that, Tencent is ready with all-new game mode; they have already launched it into the beta mode in china.

Already erangle has received amusement park themes that make erangle so special and now you will find so many new rewards provided by PUBG Mobile. After all this PUBG is planning to launch its new mode which will have library map in that you can play team deathmatch check below for more details.

About New Mode:

The new mode is almost the same as TDM. But, there are few changes like now players will have to do a total of 18 kills to win. Whenever the player kills the enemy, the gun of the player will get changed automatically.

You will get started with UZI and Bizon, and as game proceeds, you will get MP5K, QBZ, Scar-L, M762 like that all other games. The total duration of this match will be 10 minutes.

The best thing about this mode is that you will get the chance to kill enemies in short-range and there are a lot of hidden paths which can help you to win the match easily.

Watch the gameplay here:

In the video, you can see that this is a new mode, and you can easily spot that kill count is out of 18. Not only that the guns are getting changed as the player is getting kills.

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