PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 Released: Check Out All The Details!

PUBG game is one of the most popular games which is played worldwide. So many of them are addicted to PUBG game. The game gets updated regularly, and once again it has got a new update. PUBG has officially announced about the latest update 0.17.0 version which is released today. This new update has got so many new features like Death Replay, Hardcore Mode, Amusement Park mode.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 Rolls Out With New Features

PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 Released: Check Out All The Details!
PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 Released: Check Out All The Details!

All the users of the game have requested to get back the “Hardcore Mode“, and finally it is back with the new update. This mode tests your skills, and all the sound prompts are removed. In the Hardcore Mode, few manual actions are needed like pick-up and opening doors.

In Classic Erangel the new update also adds a 2nd Year Anniversary: Amusement Park Mode, an Arctic Mode, a new weapon, Hardcore Mode, Death Replay, and Colorblind Mode.

On Android devices, this update will take 1.69GB, and on an iOS device, it will take 1.95GB. If all the players do not update their game to the latest version, then they won’t be able to play the game together. So make sure all the players update their PUBG Mobile to the latest update.

According to the reports on the company’s website, Amusement Park Mode in Classic Erangel will be available to all users from 12th March. The players can enter the Amusement Park Mode at the time of matchmaking for Erangel. In three locations on the map, the old school amusement parks will appear. And there will be interactive arcade machines which can be activated by using tokens.

In the new update of PUBG, there will be game and attractions like Hunt Game, Space War, Shooting Range, and What’s in the Box. All the players can also try Trampoline and Reverse Bungee games in PUBG mobile. And the Amusement Parks will have high-rise reverse bungee machines which allow the players to be launched in the air and after that, they can use the parachute to glide.

A new weapon named DBS Shotgun will be available in airdrops. All the players of the team can now also adjust the volume of each player individually. There are universal marks which let the players mark locations, supplies, doors, vehicles, and death crates.

Finally, in the new update, PUBG mobile has added Death Replay. This gives a chance to the players to see how they were killed. With the Colorblind Mode, the Graphics Settings are also updated.

Hardcore Mode is back with 0.17.0 update which is found in the Arcade Mode selection. And the players who like to play Vikendi can get an experience of Arctic Mode which is coming soon. In Arctic Mode, the players need to keep track of their body temperature if not they will lose health.

The Royal Pass for season 12 is named as 2gether We Play! This pass will be available from March 9, and there will be some changes in the game. However, there is news that whoever updates their game before March 6 will get 50 Silver, 2,888 BP and three-day Anniversary Pan Skin.

There are few other changes have come to the game with firearm balancing and much more. All the improvements are listed in details on the official website of the game. You must update the game from the Play Store and App Store.

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