June 9, 2023

PUBG Mobile Snow Paradise Mode: What is New?

PUBG Mobile (Player Unknown Battle Ground) most played a game in 2019. Everyone is playing this game; it is a kind of addiction. Many tournaments are getting organised for this game. The craze of PUBG Mobile is not over yet.

Tencent is giving updates according to all seasons and events. So no one wants to uninstall this game; they keep wish to explore this game and check what new things are coming up. Recently PUBG Mobile has launched Snow Paradise Mode in 0.16.0 update. There are many changes made by Tencent, and so many new items have been added to the latest update.

PUBG Mobile Latest Update Snow Paradise Mode

The latest update is consist of around 700 MB for Android and IOS. So you do not have to worry a lot about your data. If you update, but if you uninstall and install it then you will need more than 3 GB data for this update.

PUBG Mobile Snow Paradise Mode: What is New?

The Paradise Snow Mode is added into the Erangle map. So to enjoy Snow mode now, you will have to play in Erangle only. If you have already played in Erangle map, then you know that there is random day night mode in it. So now also you will get snow mode with day-night mode too.

What is new in PUBG Mobile new Update?

The main areas where you can enjoy the snow mode real experience are listed below check.

PUBG Mobile Snow Paradise Mode: What is New?

  1. The Stabler is snow-capped along with a patch of land between
  2. Pochinki
  3. School
  4. Ruins
  5. Hospital
  6. Mountain near Georgopol

Not only this now users can enjoy snowboard ride in this update. Snowboard is already equipped so everyone will get it. You do not have to find it anywhere, just one click, and it will pop up. Switch to snowboard mode and enjoy landscapes ride in PUBG Mobile. Snowboard will work in only snowy areas.

PUBG Mobile Snow Paradise Mode: What is New?

We always had one issue that when we are at the top of the mountain, and we do not have a vehicle, we still had to walk down to the hill but now. You can use the cable car in this update to come down from the mountain.

PUBG Mobile Snow Paradise Mode: What is New?

In the Snow Paradise mode, You will find special crates. Special crates will spawn in few snow-covered areas. It will contain the same things as other airdrop does. Now, the Player can also obtain Frozen Eggs from the special crates, That will be used to create an ice statue.

PUBG Mobile Snow Paradise Mode: What is New?

You must be thinking about what the use of Ice statue is. But if you have played PUBG a lot. Then you must have faced issues in close combat when you do not find any cover so in that situation what you can do. You have to use that Frozen Egg to create an ice statue and boom you will get a cover to protect yourself. Now no one can stop you from getting a chicken dinner.

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