PUBG Mobile Season 10 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Recently, Tencent rolled out the payload mode in the update 0.15.0 introducing lots of new weapons, a vehicle and much more. The next thing Tencent is looking forward to is the season 10 of the Royale Pass in PUBG mobile. The upcoming season is scheduled to begin from November 10 and the current season will end on November 9.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 – What’s new?

As per the leaks and rumors, season 10 of the Royale Pass will bring in some more missions and items that can be unlocked throughout the season. The season 10 will be based on Fury of the Wasteland theme and players can purchase the Elite & Elite Plus passes to unlock premium game items which would cost 600UC and 1800UC respectively.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 - Here's Everything You Need To Know
PUBG Mobile Season 10 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The new theme, Fury of Wasteland, brings in some desert-themed weapons and clothes. The weapons such as M249, M416, and the Pan will get the desert-themed skins. Some more new skins for the parachute, some new emotes and avatar frames will also be added in season 10.

Some leaks of the upcoming costumes include Desert trooper set, Irradiated Frog set, Apocalypse Guardian set. An off-road vehicle, Zima, will be introduced in the Vikendi Map which is crafted to run on the snowy area of the map. You can carry your entire squad of 4 and chase the enemies at a top speed of 115 km/h. Zima comes as a replacement of UAZ in vikendi with no bulletproof tires.

The upcoming update might come with a team deathmatch which is something that you have played in CSGO, Call Of Duty: Mobile, and will be called The Ruins. There are also chances of receiving a new weapon MP5K which is a sub-machine gun for Vikendi map and is likely to come as a replacement for Vector using a 9mm ammo and damage rate of 33. MP5K is designed for close-quarter fights.

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