PUBG Mobile Might Come Back Soon in India with New Servers

Here’s good news for all the PUBG fans. PUBG Mobile game might come back soon in India with new servers and new publishers. As per the latest reports, the game might be available by the end of 2020. These reports have come after Tencent has suspended all the Indian servers.

PUBG Mobile Ban May be Lifted Soon in India

PUBG Mobile Officially Banned in India with Other 117 Apps
PUBG Mobile Officially Banned in India with Other 117 Apps

PUBG Mobile has become so popular in India, which was unimaginable. It had more than 50 million monthly active users from India. However, due to security reasons, the Indian government has banned the game in India with a few other Chinese Apps. With this decision, all the PUBG players were disappointed. But now, again, there’s a hope of the game coming back.

From a long time, the news of PUBG Mobile coming back is in talks. We also saw PUBG Corp. talking to Airtel, Reliance Jio, and others for distributing the game in the country. PUBG Corp. has also posted job recruitment for hiring Corporate Development Division Manager on LinkedIn.

Now, Tencent is completely out of the picture from PUBG. A Korean company is managing all the rights of the game. PUBG is a Korean game; the company create the game and then distributed the license of the game to Tencent. But now, they have taken all the rights from Tencent and are looking for other ways to bring PUBG back in India.

As per the reports on TechCrunch, the preparations of bringing PUBG Mobile back have already started. It says there can be a Diwali Campaign to re-launch the game. The owner of PUBG is looking for a set-up for Indian servers. They will take care about the data and privacy of the users.

In the month of September, the PUBG Mobile was banned with other Chinese Apps. Then the game was removed from Play Store and App Store. And at the end of October, all the servers were shut down from India. And Tencent announced that it is giving all the publishing rights for PUBG Mobile to its original creator.

However, now there’s good news for all the PUBG gamers as soon as the game is returning to India.

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