PUBG Mobile Update: Tiny Livik Map Designed For Playing On The Go!

PUBG Mobile game has managed to become the most popular game around the world. It regularly gets updated with new weapons, maps, and much more. Once again it has got updated and got a new map called “Livik Map“. This new map will allow the players to play quick matches while on-the-go.

PUBG Mobile’s exclusive map is called Livik

On Thursday, the news of Livik Map coming to PUBG Mobile was announced on Twitter through the official PUBG Mobile account. No other specifications were revealed about the Map. However, in an interview, the producer of the PUBG Mobile revealed few details about the development.

The “Livik Map” is built for mobile gamers only who can’t play matches on their smartphones for hours. The idea to get this map is to give a space where one can play matches as quickly as possible.

The main aim to bring get Livik Map on PUBG Mobile is to bring more flexibility to players who have “tighter schedules”. The size of the map is of two kilometers and has a room which supports matches up to 40 players at a time. Each game will last for 15 minutes.

The theme used for Livik map is Nordic terrain. Even though it is a small map, it has hot spring, volcano, waterfall and other interesting points.

The producer Rick Li said, “The waterfalls around the map will provide unique interactions with the player not available on other maps.” He also said there would be surprise tactics like launching a motorboat off the top of a waterfall.

However, the details of when Livik Map will be available is not revealed yet. There will be nothing similar to earlier maps with this map.

The Beta version of the PUBG Mobile has Livik Map, which is known as “secret map.”

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