PUBG Mobile Update: Jungle Adventure Mode Comes With Mysterious Totems

Finally PUBG Mobile adds Jungle Mode Adventure after showing many teasers. This new mode is an addition to the small Sanhok map. Jungle Mode Adventure brings new features and mechanics to the popular PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Adds Jungle Adventure Mode Allows Players To Restore health or energy

PUBG Mobile Update: Jungle Adventure Mode Comes With Mysterious Totems

The new Jungle Adventure update in the game has brought totems, jungle food, hot air balloons. Not all the players got this update, only those who are lucky will be able to use right now, as they can get a random chance to enter the Jungle Adventure mode. The new updated version of the game is available on Android and iOS devices.

Check out the new features of Jungle Adventure Mode.

Features of Jungle Adventure

Totems: With Jungle Adventure Mode, the totems are added to the Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile. As per the reports, with this, the players will get different “blessings”. There are three times of totems which includes Power Totems, Strategy Totems, and Protection Totems. With the help of these totems, the players can repair helmets and vests, restores energy, and can restore health also. The Players can find the totems spread in the map and pray.

Jungle Food: All those players who go to Sanhok’s Jungle Adventure Mode will get special fruits in the Sanhok map. The players can loot and get the fruits to get a chance to get the experience of the effects. The effects can be positive or negative.

Hot Air Balloons: It allows the players to view the battlefield from the sky. If you have not downloaded Sanhok map, then you go to the map selection option and search for the Classic section. The size of the app is 142MB, and it comes with new Jungle Adventure Mode.

NOTE: The players will get a random chance only to be dropped in this mode. If you are a lucky player and you are dropped to this mode, then you will see “Jungle Adventure” written on the bottom of the screen.

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