PUBG Mobile Is Adding “Cold Front Survival” Mode On April 16

PUBG Mobile is getting a new mode in this month. Earlier there were rumours of a new mode “Extreme Cold” coming to PUBG mobile. As per the reports on social media, on 16 April a new mode “Cold Front Survival” is coming to PUBG.

PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode is Finally Coming on April 16

PUBG Mobile Is Adding "Cold Front Survival" Mode On April 16
PUBG Mobile Is Adding “Cold Front Survival” Mode On April 16

The company has not shared much information as of now, but the teaser of Extreme Cold Mode, which was seen on the beta version of the Game For Peace clears everything.

From that we can see, it will be more of a survival mode. The Cold Front Survival Mode will be set in Vikendi, and the players will survive in the cold weather. The players will search for wood to fire and also hunt for animals to take on the cold wave. In this mode, a timer will be added to notify the players of the coming cold wave, so they can find the shelter and get ready for survival. If they are not around the fire when the cold wave hits the player, then they should deal with the damage.

Check out the Tweet by PUBG Mobile:

Moreover, one teaser also shows a drone which is expected to be added to the mode. If you are following the PUBG Mobile coverage, then you might know that the addition of drones was earlier leaked. As per the leaked footage, the drones will be used only as a surveillance tool. The player can search for enemies or weapons and equipment on the map.

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