PS5 April Update Rolled Out with New Storage Options & Features

Sony has rolled out the first major software update for PlayStation 5. This new update brings new features and improvements to HDR and 120Hz support. An external USB storage support for games is also added and a new feature that allows the cross-generation Share play between PS5 and PS4.

Sony PS5 First Software Update Brings 120Hz Support & External Storage Support

PS5 April Update Rolled Out with New Storage Options & Features

One of the biggest features that have come is the support for an external USB drive. However, it only allows the users to store games and not play them in the external drive. A user can move the installed games from PS5 SSD to a compatible USB drive. The Sony PS5 update will not allow the users to play games from the USB storage and will also not allow the users to upgrade their internal storage of PS5.

The new update also brings new features like Share Play. The Sony PlayStation 5 users can Share Play with players on PS4. So, all the PS5 users will be able to play games with their friends on PS4. PS5 users can let their PS4 friends do a console view of their game screen or can try the PS5 games via Share Play. There are options like to share your screen with a friend, pass your controller virtually to a friend, or pass a second controller virtually to play co-op games together.

While using a game or an app that doesn’t support HDR, there is a new option to automatically switch the video output to non-HDR. This is better for those who are using HDR on PS5 as you don’t need to go to settings and manually disable HDR.

Two new HDMI controls have been added with the new update in the PS5 settings. The users can turn on the one-touch play, it will automatically turn on on a connected TV when you power a PS5.

With this update, Sony is also supporting more PC monitors with 120Hz. The monitors with 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate can work at 120Hz with PS5. The update also gives better options for disabling the in-game chat, search for purchased games, and hide games in the library.

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