Opera adds Bitcoin Support for its Android Crypto Wallet

Opera has finally added Bitcoin support for its Android Crypto Wallet after a year of its introduction.


Opera Crypto Bitcoin Wallet
Opera Adds Bitcoin in its Wallet

Of all the Browsers present, Opera is the only browser that has added this feature of the Crypto wallet.

The meaning of this update is Opera users can now carry out Bitcoin transactions directly in the browser without needing any extensions or following any other complex processes.

In July 2018, Opera for Android piloted an ethereum digital wallet as a step towards Web 3.0, the vision of a decentralized future internet built on a blockchain. It then began studying blockchain growth opportunities with financial services advisors Ledger Capital that October.

Since then, Opera introduced a web 3 ready android browser, a crypto-friendly iOS app, a desktop browser with native digital wallet support, and partnered with a Swedish crypto broker to sell Scandinavians discounted ETH.

Opera adds Bitcoin Support for its Android Crypto Wallet
Opera adds Bitcoin Support for its Android Crypto Wallet

Opera’s crypto wallet had until now only supported Ethereum, a lower-profile Bitcoin alternative, but back in July, the company announced plans to support both Bitcoin and the Tron cryptocurrency and blockchain. They had been available in beta, but with today’s news both crypto networks are now officially supported in the main Opera Android app.

With this release, Opera opens its crypto wallet to the world’s most popular blockchain, making it possible to send and receive BTC directly from the browser the way one would an image or a music file,This means anyone can now not only send Bitcoin and Ethereum to another person but can also use it while interacting with websites to pay for goods or services.” Says the company on their official blog.

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