OnePlus Nord is going to launch in a few days which will be the first mid-range 5G phone. However, OnePlus Nord will not be the only phone to get launch this year. As another OnePlus device has been spotted on the Geekbench.

OnePlus Nord Lite Possibly Listed On Geekbench

OnePlus Nord Lite With Snapdragon 690 Spotted On Geekbench
OnePlus Nord Lite With Snapdragon 690 Spotted On Geekbench

OnePlus device which is listed on Geekbench is with the name “OnePlus BE2028” and this is not the OnePlus Nord smartphone. The listing of Geekbench shows that the phone is having 6GB RAM which runs on Android 10 and is powered by Snapdragon 690.

Earlier, OnePlus Nord was spotted on Geekbench with model number AC2003. This mid-range device is powered by the “lito processor” which is used for Snapdragon 765 SoC range. However, the new model which is spotted on Geekbench is OnePlus BE2023 model which is powered by Snapdragon 690 SoC.

This device is the first SoC in the Snapdragon 600 series which will support 5G. It will have eight Kryo 560 CPU cores running at 1,7GHz which is similar to the device which is spotted on the new Geekbench listing. The GPU is Adreno 619L.

The Chipset has Bluetooth 5.1 and Wifi 6 support with FHD+ displays with 120Hz refresh rate and QHD+ displays with 60Hz display.

This OnePlus device can be OnePlus Nord Lite Model. However, the official name of the phone is not known. There is no hint made that this device is OnePlus Nord variant. May be OnePlus is working on a “lighter” variant but it will launch it later and not with OnePlus Nord which is launching on July 21.

This might be an early version of OnePlus Nord which is on testing with few lower specifications. It can be a completely different model and not the Nord series. So, nothing is clear on which model is this.

In the coming weeks, we expect more details regarding this device. As the details are out, we will update you. However, OnePlus Nord is confirmed to launch in India on July 21.


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