Now You Will See Ads On Whatsapp, Details Here

Whatsapp can start showing ads soon. As per the reports, it is said that Whatsapp’s parent company Facebook has decided not to put ads on the app. Whatsapp has billions of users around the world.

WhatsApp plans to show ads delays until FBs Unification of platform completes

Now You Will See Ads On Whatsapp, Details Here
Now You Will See Ads On Whatsapp, Details Here

Earlier in 2018, the Menlo Park, a company based in California, announced that the company would leverage Whatsapp Status updates instead of showing ads. It is a feature which is available on Facebook and Instagram, which we see as stories.

However, Facebook has not planned completely to show advertisements on Whatsapp. The networking giant suspended the push to bring ads to avoid “antagonising regulators.”

As per the reports mentioned, how the advertising model will be performed is the Facebook can use the phone numbers as determines to “match” Whatsapp and Facebook accounts and then it will show ads to the targeted users. Once the company will get the unification of its messaging platforms Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, it will be out soon.

Last year in January, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that the plan to combine the messaging apps will take some time and will not get official till 2020. So, this means showing ads feature will not come anytime soon. The Whatsapp integration among the three apps will take a lot of time.

The reported plan, which is to show Ads on Whatsapp, may raise a problem for the company which is under scrutiny. It can also lead to mass deletion of Facebook accounts by Whatsapp who don’t want the company to join their social media profiles together with other accounts.

Facebook hasn’t ditched the original plan to use Whatsapp to sell ads. Still, it is unclear that Facebook is planning to sell ads directly on Whatsapp. Last year, in May, there was an annual Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands where Facebook showed Whatsapp status with advertisements which is similar to how we see ads on Instagram stories.

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