Google launched a cloud gaming idea, as Google Stadia a year ago. In that, you can play games from your home without any gaming console. Now the tech giant company is trying to do something different from others. Likely they are launching new features on google stadia.

Google Stadia Achievements Now Live on Chrome Browser & Chromecast too.

Now You Can Enjoy Google Stadia on Chrome Browser & Chrome Cast
Now You Can Enjoy Google Stadia on Chrome Browser & Chrome Cast

Google Stadia has come up with many new features on it. But recently Google has announced that now you can enjoy playing Google Stadia on Chrome Browser and Chrome Cast too.

Recently Google has announced that players can view their achievements on google stadia. So the struggle is over now you do not have to worry. Now, you can check which mission to complete and which is already completed.

In the latest update, the Google Stadia players can open their account on google chrome or chrome cast and check their achievements.

How can you check your achievements on Google Stadia?

There are multiple ways to do it. You can use any method from below. If you still face any issues you can comment down, we will help you to solve it.

  1.  Selecting a game on Chrome browser and you can check your achievements over there.
  2. You can open your profile to check achievements.

There is one issue that some of the games does not support this feature so you will have to wait for the next update.


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