Now Coronavirus Can be Tracked Online With This Tool

A Coronavirus is a new respiratory virus which was first detected in Wuhan, a Chinese city. This virus is spreading across the globe after it infected hundreds of Chinese citizens. The Coronavirus has infected so many citizens, so to help you out with this there is an online tool which helps you to see all the cases of infected citizens in the world.

Coronavirus: With this tool, you can check the virus’ spread worldwide

Now Coronavirus Can be Tracked Online With This Tool
Now Coronavirus Can be Tracked Online With This Tool

Coronavirus has killed more than 40 people and has infected 1300 people all over the world. This news is really painful but at the same time, we need to get alert as the virus is spreading so fast. To solve this problem, a new tool has brought by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering. This new tool is used to track if the virus has come to your city or not.

This new tool will show the live updates, suspected and recovered cases. The tool will also show a map with radars pointing at all the places which are affected by the virus. The website is regularly updated by the data which is got from the World Health Organisation and the centres for the virus control in China, US, and Europe.

The dashboard can be seen by the public from this link. Here all the users can see which countries are affected and how many countries are at risk. Open the link and see the red dots on the world map. Click on the red dot and it will show you the statistics of confirmed and speculated victims of Coronavirus. It also shows the confirmed deaths and recovery from the virus.

As of now, the Coronavirus has killed 41 people from the world. The doctors saved 38 people and on the other side, 1,345 lives are at risk. However, most of the effect is seen in China with over 1200 patients. The virus is spreading so fast in other countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Malaysia, Japan and much more.

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