North Korean Hackers Targeted ISRO During Mission Chandrayaan 2

According to the reports coming from various sources, it has been revealed that ISRO’s famous mission Chandrayaan 2 (Mission Moon) was targeted by the North Korean hackers. The reports also suggest that the hacks were conducted using DTrack malware which is linked to a group of hackers controlled by the North Korean government.

Chandrayaan 2 was attacked by the North Korean Hackers

The cybersecurity firm Kaspersky reported that the malware has been detected in the financial institute and research centers of 18 states in India.

North Korean Hackers Targeted ISRO During Mission Chandrayaan 2
North Korean Hackers Targeted ISRO During Mission Chandrayaan 2

It has been suggested that the same DTrack malware was used to conduct hacks on Kudankulam nuclear plant. The National Cyber Coordination Center that was set up to help the country fight with malicious cyber activities received a piece of information from cybersecurity based in the US about the “threat actor” had hacked into the master domain controllers at the Nuclear power corporation of India Limited’s Kunankulam Nuclear Plant along with ISRO with the help of malware.

Later, the cybersecurity experts at Kaspersky identified the malware Dtrack and informed the same to the government on September 4, two days before the landing attempt of Chandrayaan 2.

What is Dtrack Virus?

Developed by the North Korean hackers who are known as Lazarus, Dtrack virus allows complete control over a device which can also allow the hackers to extract data remotely. It can exploit the systems with low security and passwords. If the virus successfully enters a system, it can extract all of the data including files, running process, keylogging, browser history, and IP addresses.

Kaspersky’s Security Researcher Konstantin Zykov explained about the virus in an event held at Delhi, saying that a large amount of DTrack samples were found and it was done by Lazarus which is the most active threat to large scale organizations.

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  1. unbelievable.. lets hope its not true. I believe next time ISRO will make it. if we how it has started from scratch and reach to such heights. Despite low budget and international sanctions after Pokhran , Scientists always tried their best.

  2. Looks strange. All the science centers uses linux operating system. It is well known that linux can not be hacked. How was this possible?

  3. The second launch is coming. And then a third and so on…
    Nobody can stop them.
    12 Indian scientists & engineers were brutally murdered – India has many more.
    But the Indian govt needs to start finding out who these people are and take appropriate action. They will.


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