Nokia Smart TV With JBL Audio Is Coming To India

Nokia is a very old and nostalgic brand that brings back thousands of memories with its indestructible mobile handsets. In the late mid-90s, Nokia introduced its first widescreen television, and if you remember this, your childhood was awesome.

Nokia is looking forward to launching Smart TV in India

India e-commerce giant Flipkart is working on the launch of Nokia Smart TV in India. There are not many leaks and details about the forthcoming smart tv but there are rumors that it will come with JBL by Harman, which is the first choice of every brand in the television market of India.

Nokia Smart TV With JBL Audio Is Coming To India
Nokia Smart TV With JBL Audio Is Coming To India

Vipul Mehrotra, VP, Nokia said, “We are delighted that Flipkart, the leading e-commerce company in the country, will bring the first-ever Nokia branded Smart TVs to India. Today marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the Nokia brand in a new category. And where better to start than in India, where our brand has been trusted for quality, design, and reliability. Flipkart’s understanding of the needs and behaviors of Indian consumers and the power of its reach will help it make Nokia branded Smart TVs accessible and affordable to many,”


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As of writing, no details about the specs of Nokia Smart TV have been announced but that will surely happen in the near future and we will keep you updated about that.

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