Beware! New WhatsApp Message Scam Offers Free Smartphone (FAKE)

Scammers and hackers try each and every way to make fool of users and get their data or any other details. Another scam has come around on Whatsapp where a fake message is doing rounds by saying Amazon is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and is giving gifts to hundred users. However, this message is fake, so beware of this if you have received this message on your account.

Fake Whatsapp Forward Might Steal your Personal Information

Beware! New WhatsApp Message Scam Offers Free Smartphone (FAKE)

According to the company’s statistics, especially in India, Whatsapp has 500million active users daily. So many users are there from which many of them get scammed by hackers.

As per the latest reports from the Newsmeter site, it is a fact-checking website, it claimed a new viral message is forwarded on Whatsapp that is completely false and also the Amazon custom service has confirmed that they are not doing any type of this celebration.

The scam message does not have any text, but has a “Preview” link and is shared with the users. The message reads like this  “Amazon 30th anniversary celebration”. However, the link is fraud and is not from Amazon.

When the user clicks on the shared fake link, it will take you to a website that looks like the official one. It tells the users that the company will give a Huawei Mate Pro 5G to a hundred lucky users. This is announced to every participant and then the list of rules comes up that must be followed by the user to win the prize.

The rules that are shown on the screen are, You must “tell five groups or 20 friends” about the Adidas promotions. Then you need to download the app and add an address. And the last one says the gifts will be delivered within 5-7 days.

Beware! New WhatsApp Message Scam Offers Free Smartphone (FAKE)

As it says to share it to your friends, it is obvious that the fake link will be forwarded to many users. And there will be many of them who will follow these fake rules to win the smartphone. As they click on the link and add their information, the scammers will get the user’s details. So, your details are not safe anymore.

This is a completely fake reward link roaming on Whatsapp. If you see this type of links do not share and share this news with your friends and family. This is a new way for hackers to get access to the users’ personal data and information, which can be used to do scams or steal your money, or anything. So make sure you avoid such types of scams.

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