Apple has brought the first beta version of 13.4 for all the iPhone users who chose the program. iOS 13.4 Beta version has brought some features, and one of the best features is the “CarKey” feature. It is said that this CarKey feature will allow the user to unlock their car by using an iPhone or an Apple Watch. However, this feature is not yet out.

iOS 13.4 Beta Brings ‘CarKey’ Feature Which Would Turn Your iPhone or Apple Watch Into a Car Key

New iOS 13.4 Beta Brings "CarKey" Feature, May Allow You To Start Your Car With iPhone!
New iOS 13.4 Beta Brings “CarKey” Feature; May Allow You To Start Your Car With iPhone!

As per the reports, the iOS 13.4 beta version has strings of code that shows a “CarKey” feature. The feature is unreleased, but as the reports are confirmed, it says it will enable the iPhone or Apple Watch to Lock or Unlock the car.

The CarKey feature is not only to lock or unlock the car, but it will also start the car by using iPhone or Apple Watch. However, this feature will be compatible with only NFC-enabled vehicles and will not need to keep Face ID. This means the new feature will work even if the devices are out of battery.

On talking about pairing, the setup can be done by using a “Wallet” app. The users will also need the car manufacturers app for setup. According to the website, they say, the user should keep the iPhone on top of NFC reader in the car first and then CarKey will be shown in the Wallet app. Then the key will be easily added to Apple Watch.

It is also said that the new feature “CarKey” can be shared with family members. The driver can invite them from the Wallet app, and they can access the key through the Apple device.

However, the feature will works when the final version of iOS 13.4 is out.


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