New Google Pay App Gets Dark Theme on Android

The new Google Pay app finally gets a dark mode theme for Android users. After the release of Android 10, Google updated all of its apps with a dark theme. The company has already updated apps like Play Store, Google App, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Translate with a dark mode theme.

Dark Theme Available on New Google Pay App 

Google Pay gets dark theme on Android

Last month, a new Google Pay app was launched in the US, which is now updated with a dark theme mode. The latest update of the app has brought some changes, like all the elements will now be seen in dark gray color, except the Go India event banner.

Earlier, in September, Google Pay India showed the dark mode coming, but there was no other detail of confirmation. But, with the latest beta version of the app, we can see the complete dark mode theme on the app.

The app settings does not have a dark mode toggle like the on the Google Play Store; it will follow the setting of your device theme. However, the company might bring manual option features in the future, like other apps. The dark theme for Google Pay is available on devices running Android 10 and above.

Mishaal Rahman, a Chief editor, has confirmed that the dark theme for Google Pay will also be available for US users. But there will be some differences in both the regions. As the app is also slightly different for Indian and US users, so there will be a slight change in the dark mode also.

At present, the dark theme for the Google Pay app is out with a beta version and is not yet available for all the users. According to the reports, the dark mode will soon be available for every one officially.

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