With the holiday season coming this December, Netflix has some originals lined up releases for December 2019 which you can watch with your family and friends. Netflix has series lined up for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

Netflix Original TV Series Releases for December 2019

Netflix has some originals lined up for December 2019, which range from Comedy to Suspense. Some Shows are Christmas themed to give the feeling of Christmas. Here are the shows below:

6 Underground:

6 Underground
6 Underground

6 Underground is an action movie which will be following six untraceable agents who are looking to move on, but their past keeps them from doing so. The film is starred by Ryan Reynolds and will be directed by Michael Bay. The Movie will be releasing on December 13th.  

Marriage Story:

Marriage Story
Marriage Story

Marriage Story is a Romantic movie starred by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver who play a couple who go down different roads but try to keep the relationship going on despite their divorce. Noah Baumbach directs the movie. The movie releases on December 6th.

Lost in Space (Season 2): 

Lost in Space Season-2
Lost in Space Season-2

Lost in Space is a rework of 1960s movies of the same name. This is the second season of this series. The series is centered around a small family of colonists who crash lands on a distant world after alien robots attack the spacecraft they were traveling in.

The attack was barely survived by the Robinson family and many other colonists. The colonists must learn to survive the hostile environment and find their way back to their mothership, The Resolute, after a crash landing on the alien but the habitable world. The series releases on December 24th.

These are some of the best series and movies that are about to be launched in December of 2019 which you can enjoy with everyone.


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