Netflix New Feature Shows Top 10 Most Popular Programs

Netflix is one of the most popular apps used by everyone. There are so many contents available on the app, and it is hard to choose from it what to watch. Most of the time ends up by scrolling down to choose the content. But to get rid of scrolling down and searching for the best content, Netflix is bringing a new feature which will show the Top 10 most popular TV shows and Movies. 

Netflix will soon show you a list of the top 10 movies and TV shows

Netflix New Feature Shows Top 10 Most Popular Programs
Netflix New Feature Shows Top 10 Most Popular Programs

Soon Netflix will add a new feature of Top 10 list which will show all the top 10 movies and shows to watch on the app. This new feature will help the users to search for something which is popular. The feature was tested in the UK and Mexico, and now it will soon roll out in the world for everyone.

The company said they are testing the feature for the last six months and soon it will roll out in more countries.

This new feature will help the viewers to solve one problem, search for something best to watch. However, Netflix shows popular TV shows and movies on the homepage, but it didn’t have a separate list before. But now, this new feature will keep most of the users active on Netflix.

It will be more important for the company to keep the users interested in Netflix content. As AT&T’s WarnerMedia HBO Max is launching in May and Comcast’s Peacock in July.

How Does The New Feature work On Netflix?

Check out how the new Feature will work on Netflix. On the homepage of the app, you will see one list which will have Top TV shows and movies in the US. There will be a combination of Tv shows and movies, but if you click on a movies or Tv show section, then you will see the top 10 of that specific content.

Netflix said, “This new row — complete with its own special design — will enable you to see what is most popular on Netflix in your country.” The list will be updated every day, and the position of the row will be different depending on how important the shows and films are to you.

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