Netflix is Testing a New Promo Offer At Rs 5 Per Month

We all know much about Netflix; It is the best video streaming platform in the world right now. There is so many good things are there about NetFlix but only one bad thing we can note down. That is the prices of Netflix is too high when we compare it with any other streaming platform. So here we got one good news for you that New users can start using Netflix at 5 RS per month only.

Netflix introduces offer for new users Now just Pay Rs 5 for the first month

Netflix is Testing a New Promo Offer At Rs 5 Per Month
Netflix is Testing a New Promo Offer At Rs 5 Per Month

A Netflix spokesperson in the report.

“This is a new marketing promotion designed to help more people discover Netflix. Depending on its success, we may roll it out more widely,”

As per the reports, Netflix is introducing a new offer for all the new users. In the original offer, the new subscriber needs to pay only Rs. 5 for the first month. Old subscriber can’t get this offer.

This new offer is an attempt to attract new users to get a Netflix subscription. For a few users, Netflix rolled out this plan on 21st February. Only a few selected users will have an option of Paying Rs.5 for the first month. Netflix also brought a similar plan to launch a mobile-only plan for Rs. 199 per month.

If the test is successful, Netflix may bright out the plan for all the users. This new promotion plan allows the users to watch full Netflix catalogues like award-winning films, series, documentaries and much more. One can watch everything in Rs.5 for the first month.

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