Netflix is Bringing an Audio-Only Option for Android App

Netflix is bringing a new feature for its Android app, where the users will see a black screen but can listen to the audio. The new feature is the Audio-Only option; it allows the users to save data by just listening to the audio.

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Audio-Only feature on Netflix

Back in October, the Audio-Only feature came in the news, but it was not working at that time. But now, a few of the subscribers have received the new option of Video Off at the top of the screen. Once you click on the Video Off option, the full screen will go blank, which shows all the controls like forward, backward, speed, and scrub bar.

At present, this feature is coming to Android devices only, and there is no information on if the feature will come to other platforms or not.

The new Audio-Only option is also seen in the settings menu. Once you click on the option, you will see a pop-up menu from which you have to select one mode which you want to use. There are three options, “Always On,” “Headphones or External Speakers,” and “OFF.” Select any option as per your choice and save your internet data if you have less internet.

Audio-Only Feature on Netflix

According to me, using the Audio only feature might be helpful for some users only because without watching a video, I don’t think everyone can understand the storyline of the series or movies, especially if someone is watching the show in different languages like an American story or any.

However, this feature might be helpful for watching shows like stand-up comedy, documentaries, like shows which do not need video, we can understand with audio only. So, if you love watching such shows, then this feature will be helpful to you.

Once everyone receives the update, they will try it and can give their views. So keep on updating your Netflix app on an Android device. Do share your views with us on this new Audio-Only option.

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