Netflix Is Offering First Episode of This Series For Free – Here’s Why

During the launch event of new iPhone series, Apple started off the event with the announcement of Apple Tv +, the new service is set to launch in November alongside Disney+ which is also scheduled to release anytime during November.

Netflix is offering First episode of Latest Series for Free

This can give a tough competition to the popular streaming service, Netflix. The service is now offering first episode free to watch. As of now, Netflix has been offering first 30 days for free but due to the tough competition, Netflix is offering first episode of its new series, Bard of Blood for free.

Users are not required to sign-up an account to enjoy the first free episode of the series Bard of Blood for free. The lead actor tweeted on his account

The offer is for a limited time period but the company has said that they will do the same for upcoming series also in the future. Although, Netflix previously aired the first episode of Elite in Mexico and Columbia for free.

Apple has also announced that those who purchase the latest iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch will be able to enjoy Apple Tv plus free for the first year.


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