Motorola One Macro Leaked!

Motorola one Macro was leaked by a Saudi Arab Retail Website. The retailer revealed some specs before the link was taken down by them.No one knows if Macro will make it to Western markets considering its existence is anticipated for the Middle East.

Motorola One Macro Leaked!

Motorola One Macro
Motorola One Macro (Credit: GSMArena)

As per the leaked specs, Motorola One Macro is supposed to have a MediaTek Helio P60 which will be fitted with 2GB of RAM. The smartphone achieved a score of 1,429 and 5,584 points in Geekbench’s single and multi-core tests, respectively.

The phone is having a 2MP Macro camera, as the name suggests which is with a 13MP Primary Camera with a 2MP depth sensor. It has laser-assisted autofocus.

It also has a drop style notch with a tall aspect ratio. It has a Rear fingerprint sensor. It comes Android Pie out of the box. But no one is sure that if it’s an Andriod one or not.

The phone is supposed to have a new “Cosmo” color which looks like a variant of purple. According to the listing the phone is supposed to cost SAR 899 ($240).

There’s no word from Motorola yet about the One Macro, but the smartphone recently got certified by Thailand’s NBTC and the Taiwanese NCC hinting at an imminent launch.

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