Mixcloud has acknowledged the breach of its data which necessarily affects User Records of 21 Million. The breach happened earlier this November.

Mixcloud Data Breach: 21 Million Users Record Affected 


Mixcloud, a UK based Music Streaming Platform has confirmed the breach of its 21 Million user records. The breach had happened earlier this November, which was established after the data was listed on the Darkweb.

The seller who uses the moniker A_W_S has made a list and is selling them for 0.5 Bitcoins. The seller claims that these were acquired this November.

The data includes usernames, email addresses, and passwords that appear to be scrambled with the SHA-2 algorithm, making it almost impossible to unscramble passwords. The information also included the date of account sign-up and the last time of login. It also included the country from which the user signed up, IP addresses and profile photo links.


Mixcloud has made a post acknowledging the post about the hack and has urged the users to change their passwords. The company has said “We are actively investigating this incident. We apologise to those affected and are sorry that this has happened.”

After this breach, Mixcloud can be fined up to 4% of their annual turnover for violations of European GDPR rules as the UK falls under the European Union.


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