MIUI 12 is all set to come with Dark Mode 2.0. The new update will also have dynamic font adjustment. Xiaomi’s Android-based operating system MIUI 12 will come with Dark Mode 2.0. The company posted a teaser on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

MIUI 12 Teased to Debut With Dark Mode 2.0, Smart Wallpaper Dimming Ahead of April 27 Launch 

MiUi 12 Teased: It will come with Dark Mode 2.0, Smart Wallpaper
MiUi 12 Teased: It will come with Dark Mode 2.0, Smart Wallpaper

This new update will get dark mode with new features like smart wallpaper dimming and the dynamic font adjustments. The user will get a great experience, especially in low-light. MIUI 12 will also increase the coverage of Dark Mode which came on Xiaomi devices last year through MIUI 10.

As the company posted a teaser through Weibo, we can say that the big changes of MIUI 12 will be the smart wallpaper dimming. This feature will make few changes to the wallpaper to affect the time of the day instead of darkening the full wallpaper once you enable the Dark Mode.

Apple provided a similar thing on MacOS through Dynamic wallpaper setting. Likewise, many third-party live wallpapers on Google Play also try to deliver something same.

The image which is posted does not specify whether the smart wallpaper feature will be available to everyone or will be limited. Xiaomi has confirmed that MIUI 12 will increase the Dark Mode coverage to 42 system apps and 20 mainstream apps. Which means you can enable the Dark Mode on many apps which don’t support it.

MIUI 12 will also have dynamic font adjustments to automatically reduce the system font limit. Dark Mode 2.0 will bring dynamic adjustments to the contrast. All these features will make MIUI 12 the best operating system. However, yet there is no confirmation about how the new MIUI version will address.

The next update of Xiaomi MIUI 12 will be launched on April 27. It will have an online live stream launch event where the China variant of Mi 10 Lite 5G will be announced.


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