Mitron App Profile has Security Vulnerability that Put Users in Danger

Mitron App Profile has Security Vulnerabilities that put users in Danger. The so-called Indian TikTok ripoff has security vulnerabilities that put user data at risk. This comes after the application was found to be developed by some Pakistani Developers called Qboxus. 

Mitron App Profile has Vulnerability that Put Users in Danger

Mitron App Vulnerability
Mitron App Vulnerability

The Mitron App Profile has Security Vulnerability that put users in Danger as any profile can be hacked in seconds. Reported by a cyber-security expert Rahul Kankrale said that the login process is flawed. He said that the login process allows malicious hackers to intercept and gain access to the unique user ID of the user which can be used to login to their accounts without any password or any additional verification.

The CyberSecurity expert also said the application doesn’t use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for login. The application as of now doesn’t allow Google Sign in, it processes the login through the unique user ID instead of using the provided Google account. The expert also put out a video showing how the exploit can be done easily.

The application came into limelight after the YouTuber CarryMinati roasted TikTok and its users. The name of the application is similar to the greeting used by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And the outroar against the usage of Chinese applications had made the app more famous.

Unfortunately, the insecurity that TikTok is a Chinese app and could have abused data from its users for surveillance has turned millions into blindly signing up for a less trusted and unsafe alternative. But now the Vulnerability from the Mitron app is more glaring and is easy to exploit by any novice hacker with the correct tools.

As of now, the application has not been patched by the developer of the Mitron Application and it’s recommended to uninstall and stop using the application.

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