Microsoft Unveils Surface Duo & Surface Neo!

Microsoft on Wednesday released two Surface devices that look like an open book, have 2 screens and most importantly are Notepad Sized. These 2 devices are called as the Microsoft Surface Duo and the Microsoft Surface Neo.

Microsoft Surface Duo:

Microsoft Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Duo (Credit-The Verge)

Microsoft Surface Duo is a phone that is similar to the Galaxy Fold. This new category of devices can make calls and run applications as its OS is Google’s Android. It is a mini version of Microsoft Surface Neo.

The phone has two screens of 5.6” which that fold out into an 8.3-inch overall screen, and it’s just 4.8mm thin. It can fold over like any other 2-1 laptop due to the presence of a 360-degree hinge. The phone is supposed to have a Snapdragon 855, which will be constant when it launches.

Microsoft Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Duo (Credit: The Verge)

“I feel like ‘phone’ is such a limiting word, And then you say, ‘well, smartphone.’ I don’t even know what that means. And then ‘phablet.’ I’m not sure what that is. I think if you’re going to create a new category, you’re going to try to change things, push things forward. The minute you put it in a box, I think you’re lost. So I’ve been pretty resistant to that. Not because it doesn’t act like a great phone,” says Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay.

The phone has been in works for 3 years and now it’s being compared to the likes of Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. The phone has definitely been an upgrade from the old Microsoft phones that were popular in its days.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo
Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo is an elder brother of Microsoft Surface Duo. This device has dual 9.0″ touchscreens, which is Gorilla Glass of some sort. The device has bezels and has a 360 hinge just like the Microsoft Surface Duo. It really feels like Microsoft’s original Courier concept from 10 years ago is coming to life.

Microsoft has not revealed much about the hardware in the device but it is rumored to have the Intel’s Lakefield processors which will power both the screens for multitasking as you can use 2 Applications at once or one application fullscreen.

The device is going to run on Windows 10X which was codenamed as “Santorini“. This OS is going to support all the applications that are available on Windows 10. Windows 10X can do various things like taking notes, using the device like a laptop by using the onscreen keyboard or attaching an external one. Windows 10X will be available on dual-screen and foldable devices in fall 2020. It will only be an update to dual-screen devices, not desktops.

Microsoft Surface Neo Surface Pen
Surface Pen(Credit: The Verge)

The device is going to have a new Surface pen that is magnetic and sticks to the back of the device. The pen is going to be really useful for taking notes, sketching and various other activities.

Both Surface Neo and The Surface Duo are supposed to have a launch after a year i.e the Holiday 2020.

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