Microsoft to Bring ‘Voice Launcher’ Feature for Windows 10 Users

Earlier, there were rumors about Microsoft to test a new voice assistant feature that will replace Microsoft Cortana, but the function did not come. However, as per the latest news, Microsoft is testing a “Voice Launcher” feature for all the Windows 10 users.

With Voice Launcher, Microsoft is getting more Aggressive about Voice Typing

Voice Launcher feature

The new Voice Launcher feature is seen in the Windows 10 beta version. This new function will allow users to interact via voice commands with apps and files.

This function belongs to apps that are in-built and developed by Microsoft. Voice Launcher feature is automatically shown up in any textbox with Windows Search API enabled, like File Explorer, Start Menu, and Settings app. You can also manually request the voice launcher via Windows Narrator “Win + H.”

As of now, the function is available to Insiders who uses the following languages,

  • English (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India),
  • French (France and Canada),
  • Portuguese (Brazil),
  • Spanish,
  • German Italian and Japanese.

As the feature is still under development, Microsoft is asking users to provide its voice search database to deliver perfect results.

Microsoft says,

“Your everyday use of voice typing could make Microsoft’s online speech tech more accurate for everyone who speaks your language. If you decide to contribute your voice clips, some of these clips will be reviewed by Microsoft employees and vendors”.

All the contributor’s identities will be protected, and if the voice clip has some personal information, they will delete it. The company said the clips which are shared by the users would be used by Microsoft employees and vendors to improve the speech technology.

They have also shared screenshots of the interface of the new feature, which shows a voice typing launcher in a modern design. The feature has been optimized for all Windows users.

Moreover, the Voice Typing launcher also allows the users to enable “auto-punctuation.” This option will automatically insert proper punctuations to your notes.

At present, there are no details on the availability of the feature, but it might roll out via Windows 10 October 2021 update.

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