Microsoft thinks Trump is unfair to Huawei over its ban

The significantly powerful and distinctive executive of Microsoft said that Donald Trump is projecting un-American ways. By the looks of it, the executive also feels that the way Trump has been treating the telecommunications giant of China, Huawei, is entirely unfair.

Chief Legal Officer and President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, said during an interview that the Chinese tech giant, Huawei, should buy said technologies from the U.S. Moreover, Huawei can buy the United States technology, given that Trump is placing a ban on China. Smith also noted that this is a wrong move as far as logic and the laws of the technology industry are concerned.

Brad Smith also said that Microsoft is getting a cold response from the regulators in the US. According to Smith, some of the regulators said that if Microsoft knew what the regulators know, then the software giant would have agreed with them. However, Microsoft has a reputation for seeking the truth, and this is why the company told the regulators that they should fill in the tech giants to ban Huawei. By knowing the truth, the tech giants can decide if they would like to do business with Huawei or not.

Smith also said that it is odd to tell a significant-tech company to sell their products and services to the U.S. but be denied the right to buy OS and chips from the very same country. According to Smith, this seems like a hotel will open its doors for the visitors but won’t have beds in the rooms or food in the restaurant. The United States government has put the survival of this remarkable company at risk.

Currently, Smith is on the circuit for discussing the new book, namely Tools & Weapons, which is based on the trade tension between China and the US. A significant number of agencies and countries pointed out the relationship of Huawei with the government of China. The Intelligence Law of China suggests that the organizations should cooperate, support & also collaborate in the national intelligence work.

Moreover, the US, Australia, as well as New Zealand, have instructed their local tech firms from utilizing any product from Huawei. Currently, the UK is trying to decide what it should do. In the previous month, a former state secretary of the US told the UK Yahoo Finance about the threat that Huawei poses concerning the 5G servers.

There have been several reports in the past that suggest that Huawei works alongside the Chinese Intelligence to breach the security of other tech companies in the US and extract their knowledge. A change in the trade policy-making might make things easier for Huawei.

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