Microsoft is Killing Windows 7, What If You are Still Using it

Microsoft has developed many versions of Windows, but the most loved version of Microsoft is Windows 7. Even today, people are still using Microsoft Windows 7. As we all know, it has very userfriendly and easy access to everything.

It has been more than nine years of Windows 7, and people still do not want to upgrade from it. Currently, 36% of users still using Windows 7. But, Now windows has officially announced that Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020

Microsoft is Killing Windows 7 Soon

Microsoft is Killing Windows 7, What If You are Still Using it.
Microsoft is Killing Windows 7, What If You are Still Using it.

Now finally, Windows 7 has come to the end of life. On 14th Jan 2020 there will be end on security updates. But if you still want to use Windows 7, you can do it. Just take Windows 7 Enterprise version at the eye-watering price. Yes, You will have to pay a lot of money to stay on the same OS.

Microsoft introduced Windows 7 in 2009. From that time till today, this is the best selling or most used OS in the market. Windows 7 has no-nonsense apps or nothing that can trouble you. It is just a pure OS which a user needs in his/her computer.

The mainstream update already stopped in 2015, but now they are ready to end Windows 7. So now if you still using Windows 7 what you can do check below.

What to do if you’re still running Windows 7

If you are still using Windows 7, then you will have to upgrade your windows 7 to windows 10. As we all know, windows have made a lot of changes in the latest version of windows but, Many users do not want to use it. Because with Windows 10 you will find a lot of features that you are not going to use in your entire life. So you will need another option of windows 7.

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You should switch to Linux now. After Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, we can see the most used OS is Linux OS. The latest version Netrunner 19.01 ‘Blackbird’ Linux is out now. The best part about Linux is that it is always free. You will never have to pay anything to use it. All the office software is free. It will take time to learn Linux, but once you get used to it. Then you are good to go for anything.

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