Facebook Messenger Introduces ‘Watch Together’ Feature to Watch Videos with Friends

Facebook has launched a new feature named “Watch Together” for all the Messenger users. With this feature, now you can watch videos with your friends and family on a Messenger Video call and Rooms. This new “Watch Together” feature is completely free to use and will be available for both Android and iOS users.

Watch Videos with Friends & Family with “Watch Together” Feature on Messenger 

Watch Together feature on Facebook
“Watch Together” feature on Messenger

The company has recently, announced a new feature to add joint video viewing on Messenger. This feature will be inside the messaging app and it will allow you to watch video from Facebook Watch. One can also watch live video of your friends. Watch Together will be out for everyone globally this week.

Watch Together will work with almost all the Facebook videos like shows, sports, news, music videos, live events and more.

How to use the “Watch Together” feature on Messenger?

To use this feature, follow the steps:

  • When you are on a Messenger video call or Messenger Room with your friends, you must swipe up and click on the new “Watch Together” option
  • There you will see videos to watch, or else you can search for a video or can see in the categories.
  • Select any video and start watching it with whoever you are on a video call or messenger Rooms.
  • At a time, you can watch with eight people on a Video call and if you are using Messenger Room then you can watch with 50 people.

According to the reports, Facebook says in a day there are 150 million video calls on Messenger. And the videos which are sent to other daily are 200 million videos.

In an Interview, Stan Chundnovsky said,

“It’s really getting more and more visual, and it continues to grow very, very fast.”

Watch joint video might become the most popular feature of the app. Apart from this, Disney Plus has also launched its own version called GroupWatch.

Almost everyone will use this feature once it is rolled out. As, due to this Covid-19 pandemic, we can’t meet each other. So, at this time, you can share the screen with your friends and family who are far away from you.

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