Logitech unveils Adaptive Gaming Kit for Cheaper Accessible Gaming

The new Adaptive Gaming Kit from Logitech is a series of 12 buttons and triggers designed to work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller from Microsoft to make the game more available to disabled people.

Adaptive Gaming Kit by Logitech: 

Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit
Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

Recently, software companies have made more efforts to include disabled gamers in their development, especially with the success of Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC Adaptive Controller. Now, by creating an add-on for the controller to meet further usability criteria, Logitech is taking the integrated model a step further.

The buttons are inserted into the 3.5 mm jacks of the Adaptive Controller, the controls are plugged in via USB and can then be mapped to various controller functions to play Xbox or PC games.

Since its release, Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller has been promoting third-party inputs like these, but Logitech’s package is a much more affordable way to get kitted out with a wide range of accessories. Previously, when purchased directly from Microsoft, individual buttons could cost nearly $50 each.

Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit
Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

The kit includes two game mats (one rigid and one foldable) in addition to the buttons and controls, which can be used to arrange the buttons in a design that fits with the included velcro ties for you. There are also stickers so that each device can be marked with the controller key to which it is mapped.

Logitech describes the package as using “gaming-grade components for reliability and durability,” and the company says it hopes it will expand the reach of the original adaptive controller to a broad audience of needs.

The Adaptive Gaming Kit has been developed in collaboration with several accessibility organisations, including The AbleGamers Charity, Mount Sinai’s Abilities Research Center, and SpecialEffect.

Logitech’s package is intended to be more affordable and for a suggested retail price of $99.99.

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