June 9, 2023

Linux has Fixed Year 2038 Bug in Linux Kernel 5.6

Linux Kernel is an opensource Unix-like OS. Which helps all other Operating Systems to run easily run on your personal computers and servers. Currently, we have got some news that Linux has fixed its 2038 year Bug from its Linux Kernel 5.6.

Linux 5.6 Is The First Kernel For 32-Bit Systems Ready To Run Past Year 2038

Linux has Fixed Year 2038 Bug in Linux Kernel 5.6
Linux has Fixed Year 2038 Bug in Linux Kernel 5.6

The “Y2038” or “Unix Y2K” Bug or we can say problem which can arise in future is solved yet by Linux. Linux Kernel 5.6 is ready to resolve all the issues which we might face in future.

When Linux Kernel 5.5 got released a few people namely  Arnd Bergmann, Linux developer, has mailed Linus Torvalds that Linux Kernel 5.6 will serve as a base of 32 Bit system to run in the year 2038.

After Bergmann has made this request to include the changes to the time_t and it is storing the number of seconds and signed 32-bit integers.

The year 2038 problem says that the Unix timestamp will fall on 19 January 2038. At that time, it won’t be able to store the signed 32-bit integer, and it will check the update of the system to 32-bit.

Just to avoid Y2038 problem, Bergmann has announced that the userspace app should use the modern Linux Kernal system calls and the userspace should be built against 64-bit time_t by using GNU C Library 2.32 and Musl libc 1.2

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