Lazarus, a popular hacker group from North Korea, is finding new ways to steal cryptocurrency. As per the news, the security researches from Kaspersky said, they got the evidence that Lazarus has made few changes to its attack methodology.

North Korean Hacker Group Lazarus Uses Telegram To Steal Cryptocurrency

Lazarus Hacker Group Is Using Telegram To Steal Cryptocurrency
Lazarus Hacker Group Is Using Telegram To Steal Cryptocurrency

Kaspersky says, the hacking group is being so careful and is using more tactics and procedures to steal cryptocurrency. To steal cryptocurrency, the hacker group is using Telegram.

However, we can say, the hacker group Lazarus has done something that it infects a system, the system can’t be detected, and it obtains cryptocurrency from the machines. As the system can not be identified, the Lazarus group installs in the memory instead of being run from the hard drives.

Apart from Kaspersky reports, other reports say that the hacker group is using Telegram and fake websites to insert malware in the system. It is said that Lazarus is tempting the customers into fake cryptocurrency exchange and asks them to join their fake telegram groups which are created to install the malware in the system of the user. When the user joins the telegram group, the device is infected, and it steals the data.

All these websites are fake ones which are created by using simple free templates on the web. These websites are shown to customers in many ways, and it forces the user to click on it to harm their system. The group is so advanced that it is even targeting Apple users by creating customised malware for macOS also.

The group is not just hacking the name of a business, but also some file extensions of cryptocurrency are found stealing illegally. No matter whatever it is, it is good not to fall for any click baits.


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