is your spotify account hacked?
is your spotify account hacked?

Recently Spotify is launched in India. On Spotify, anyone can easily listen to songs. Spotify has more than 50 million songs available. There are free, and premium versions are available on Spotify. Once you get the premium membership, you can have many benefits. But recently, some issues are reported by the users about the premium version.

How to Check If Your Spotify Account is Hacked?

is your spotify account hacked
is your Spotify account hacked

Multiple incidents happened in the past from that we can get an idea that your account is hacked or not. We have listed one event below. Also, we have a few tips for you from that you can check that is your account is hacked or not. If anytime suddenly your music has getting stopped or songs are getting changed automatically then you must change your password because it is not a glitch your account is hacked.

In Spotify if someone has logged into your account and trying to play music then you will also hear the same music likewise if you change the song then in other persons phone song will get changed.

A 23-year-old Connor Ball was having shower went he realised something is fishy. The song which he was listening to suddenly stopped. As the song stopped, he couldn’t start it again as he was in the shower. Another song started back by itself, which he doesn’t like. Then he realised that his Spotify Account had been hacked.

Automatically, the song started from the Google Chrome on the Web Browser, which Connor Ball was not using. Mr.Ball did not change the password of his account, and he continued to see the taste of the hacker.

Another person got hacked a 19-year-old, Chris Pantin, who is a student in California. The hacker played the album by the rapper YG repeatedly. He said, he felt like there is some weird hack who is trying to get the streams.

How to secure your Spotify account?

  • You must use a unique password for all websites to signup.
  • Always avoid registering on new or untrusted websites. Because if that website is getting hacked or the data of that website is leaked, then all your details will be easily accessed by any hacker.
  • Try not to share your account with anyone. Because if your account is hacked only one way you can find it out. By just checking which songs are getting played. So if you have given access to your friends and family, then you can not understand who is using hacker or friend.
  • Remove access to third-party software.
  • After using Spotify on a new device, keep a habit of logging out from that device.

[su_quote]NOTE: For more, please refer here to know how you can secure your Spotify account?[/su_quote]

Secure your Spotify account from the hackers by securing your password. Even though the app is secure, but it gets hacked easily, so make sure you have better security. We all know that what a hacker can gain after getting access to your music library but using that they can do many things which you can not even imagine.


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