All the iPhone users be very careful. As per the reports, there is a new text bug which comes with a string of characters is crashing all the iOS device in the world. The message which has the character string has gone viral and is used by the pranksters around the world to make distress to unaware users.

iPhone Users, BEWARE: This Viral Text Message Can Crash Your Phone in Seconds

Apple iPhone Text-Bomb Bug Can Crashes Your Device Via Message Notifications
Apple iPhone Text-Bomb Bug Can Crashes Your Device Via Message Notifications

The string characters are in the Sindhi language, which is paired with emoji of the Italian national flag. Apple has got to know about the issue, but the fix to the problem is not yet out.

Just receiving the notification from any stranger can crash your iPhone and you can’t do anything. According to the EverythingApplePro, if the Apple user is receiving the message, then that device will be crash and will not respond.

This bug is said to believe to have shared on a Telegram group and is now shared on Twitter also. As per the reports on the internet, the flaw will affect the Apple devices, which are running on iOS, so other devices like Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV are safe.

The solution to this bug on Apple will come in feature with iOS 13.4.5 update. However, this update is in beta mode. Till the update comes out for everyone, Apple’s iPhone and iPad users are said to switch off all the notifications from any messaging or social media app.

If you also get this issue, then there is only one solution that is a hard resetting of the device. If you have taken a backup of your iPhone data, then you will not lose any data. But if you haven’t taken back up from a long time, then you must take backup right now, if you don’t want to lose data from your device.


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