Apple iPhone 12 Will Have 5G Connectivity & 5 nm Processor

The trillion-dollar tech giant Apple is ready to launch its first-ever 5G device, iPhone 12, and some reports coming out of Japan suggest that the devices will be packed with Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem.

A lot of sources that are quoted by Nikkei Asian Review says that Apple will launch up to three devices next year which will be 5G enabled out of the box to match their aggressive sales target.

Apple Will Launch 5G Enabled iPhones in 2020

The reports say that the 5G iPhone lineup will be powered by A14 chipset which will use the 5nm technology making it more powerful and efficient than A13 chipset used by the current generation iPhones. Out of the three devices, two of them will have flexible OLED displays which are not yet confirmed.

Another feature that users might get in iPhone 12 could be the 3D-sensing rear camera which can sense the environment and analyze the objects for applications such an AR games. Some rumors also suggest that the iPhone 12 display might have a refresh rate of 120Hz.


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It would be interesting to see if bringing 5G connectivity will boost the sales of the iPhone 12 lineup next year. Apple has already started producing more units of the iPhone 11 lineup because of high demands.

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