iPhone 12 5G might drive the greatest upgrade cycle that the company needs

In the present-day scenario, iPhone accounts for a little over half of the quarterly revenue for Apple. Nevertheless, the conventional narrative concerning “peak iPhone” has finally come to life. According to the experts in the smartphone industry, the “peak iPhone” has resurfaced once again. Moreover, it is not quite an outlandish perspective that people across the world should perceive.

In the last few quarters, the sales of iPhones have been quite steady. The devices have become quite reliable, the upgrades have been incremental, and then there is the elimination of the several subsidies of the carrier, which the users like. The inescapable truth is that the iPhone owners aren’t upgrading to the new devices like they used to do in the past.

Furthermore, this also suggests that the dynamic of the equilibrium is up for a change. The forthcoming iPhone 11 from Apple is not going to boost the sales of the iOS device. Nevertheless, the Cupertino tech giant is said to be working on a 5G version of iPhone which might launch in the year 2020. By the looks of it, 5G iPhone might be the turning point that Apple needs to boost its sales.

The tech experts also said that they are yet to see a massive refresh cycle in the sales as it happened during the release of the iPhone 6. Moreover, this took place back in the year 2014. It is also essential to note that not every iPhone owner needs the Face ID or an advanced camera system.

If people take a closer look at the past, they will notice that the 4G network came into being back on the 14th of December 2009. Moreover, 4G was first introduced by Ericsson & Nokia Siemens Networks, and Huawei. Apple incorporated the 4G or LTE technology with its critically acclaimed iPhone 5. So, implementing 5G and using it in the broader aspect might take a lot of time.

Nevertheless, Apple has its way of “revolutionizing” any product which they curate. In less than a week, on the 10th of September, Apple will release the iPhone 11 series smartphones. So, the users who are looking forward to buying the Apple 11 should wait for 12 months and upgrade to the 5G device in 2020.

The 2021 iPhone lineup is quite intriguing on its own. A few weeks ago, some rumors began to circulate which said that the iPhone in the year 2021 would feature both Face ID and the conventional Touch ID. However, the Touch ID would be built into the display of the device.

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