iOS 14: Release Date, Features And Other Details!

At Apple’s developer’s conference WWDC 2020, Apple has made an announcement on iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS and much more. In this WWDC event, the tech giant announced iOS 14 with lots of great features.


Here is everything that Apple announced at WWDC 2020 event.

Apple iOS 14 top features:

  • App Library:
    This new feature lets the users categorise their apps which are on different pages of the home screen. The user can choose how many pages they want to see on their phone screen. All the other apps which are remaining will be categorised as “recently added”, “Suggestions” and other folders.
  • Widgets:
    This new widget feature in iOS 14 shows timely information. One can pin the widgets in different sizes on any Home Screen page so the users can get all the information at once. The users will be able to create a Smart Stack of widgets.
  • Translate App:
    It will let Siri translate what you say to 11 different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and much more. It works offline also. You can also ask Siri to send an audio message also.
  • iMessage:
    Now, one can pin their messages and can find it easily whenever they want. They don’t need to search in the conversation. You can reply to a message and also mention people while chatting in the group. Three new memojis are added with different skin tones. Memojis have different hairstyles and gestures like a hug, fist bump, blush.

    iOS 14: Release Date, Features And Other Details!
    iOS 14: Release Date, Features And Other Details!

  • Apple Maps:
    There is a new feature available which is called Guide. This feature will help the users to find “great places” near them. Cycling directions is also added to Apple Maps, which will allow the users to see elevation data, stairs, traffic, in the bike lanes and roads.
iOS 14: Release Date, Features And Other Details!iOS 14: Release Date, Features And Other Details!
iOS 14: Release Date, Features And Other Details!
  • Apple CarPlay:
    It will allow you to change the wallpaper on the in-car device. Just click on your iPhone and Unlock your car. You can also put your iPhone on the charging pad, and it enables the car’s start button. One can also share their key with iMessage. The first car which will support CarPlay will be 2021 BMW 5 series.
  • App Store:
    App Clip is just like downloading a part of the app whenever you need it. Your first login details and credit card details are filled with Apple Login and Apple Pay.

iOS 14 Release Date

As of now, Apple has just announced iOS 14. It is still available to Apple Developer Program members at However, the public beta will be available to iOS users in next month at iOS 14 will be available to all as a free software update for all the iPhone 6s and later devices.

Other things which Apple has announced at WWDC 2020.

Apple iPadOS

  • Redesigned UI
  • Universal search
  • Call notifications
  • Apple Pencil


  • Spatial audio
  • Automatic Switching

Apple Watch OS7

  • Watch face share
  • Sleep tracking
  • Wind Down
  • Workouts
  • Handwash detection

macOS Big Sur

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