Apple Rolls Out iOS 13 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Finally, the most awaited iOS 13 update has been rolled out by Apple for devices which are compatible with the update. The latest version of iOS is packed with a lot of features that every Apple user always desired.

iOS 13 Features and Highlights.

One of the most desired features of iOS users was the dark mode which is a highlight of the all-new iOS 13 updates. Dark mode helps to improve battery life and also protects your eyes. The dark way can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically at particular times.


Talking about the compatibility, the iOS 13 update is compatible with a lot of iPhone models. While iPhone 6 users should come out of their cave and update to a latest iPhone device to experience the latest iOS 13 update.

Some pre-existing features such as the Face ID has been enhanced for unlocking devices, therefore looking at the phone screen which is kept on the table will also unlock the device without even lifting it up.

While the iOS 13 update is strictly for iPhones, Apple is debuting iPad OS for iPad devices on 30th September.

The swipe typing feature for the keyboard is now available. Instead of tapping, you can swipe from one character to another and type the message.

Apple iOS 13

Though, this feature was already available for android devices for years, so Apple users shouldn’t call this as innovation and make it a reason to buy iPhone over android.

The two apps, “Find my iPhone” and “Find my friends” are now converted into one single app, “Find my” with a function to find offline devices from other apple devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Apart from these major updates, Siri also gets some enhancements like a much more excellent way to communicate with the iDevice user. Add or create your own stickers using Memoji stickers from the keyboard.

Apple iOS 13

The maps has also got a major update making it easy to look around the street level and checking real time transit updates.

While the iOS 13 update has been rolled out, Apple is working on to debut the iPad OS for iPads which comes out on September 30th.


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