Instagram owned by Facebook is one of the most popular and most used social media. Here you can share photos, videos and stories with your followers. Facebook is bringing so many new features to Instagram currently, they have brought new features in Boomerang, which are SloMo, Echo, and Duo Filters.

Instagram Launches New SlowMo, Echo, Duo Effects For Boomerang

Instagram Update: New Features SloMo, Echo, and Duo Filters for Boomerang
Instagram Update: New Features SloMo, Echo, and Duo Filters for Boomerang

Recently, Instagram got a new update for Boomerang feature. As we all know, Boomerang feature is a six-second video loop which is created by playing one-second clip forward and reverse. One can share the boomerang on their Instagram stories.

Recently, the company said, Instagram got so many effects and filters for Boomerang in its latest update. However, you will also get a trimming feature which allows you to select the exact part of the video which you like to share. There are some new effects also which are launched.

Duo, Echo, SlowMo are the three new features which are launched in the Instagram app.

  • SlowMo: As in the name itself you can see Slomo, this feature slows the Boomerang video to half of its speed.
  • Echo: With the help of this feature, your video will get a double vision look by adding a motion blur effect to any moving part of the video.
  • Duo: It rewinds the clip with “glitchy, digitised look” and also adds faster play and rewind speed.

You can try out these features of Instagram by shooting a Boomerang. Once you have shot the Boomerang video at the top of the screen there is an “infinity” symbol, tap on it and choose the effect. Edit the clip as you want and then share it on your Instagram Story or feed.

An Instagram spokesperson said, “Your Instagram camera gives you ways to express yourself and easily share what you’re doing, thinking or feeling with your friends.”

All the users of Instagram from around the world can use these new Boomerang effects. Both Android and iOS versions have got this new feature globally. You need to check that you have the latest Instagram version.


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