Instagram Update: Helps Users To Unfollow People They Don’t Interact With

Instagram has brought a new feature which helps the users to identify the accounts which appear more frequently or least interacted with. Almost all of them uses Instagram, just like Whatsapp. There are very few people who don’t use the Instagram app. But all of them who use this app you can now identify account which you follow but does not interact much with them. Identify those account and easily unfollow them if you want to.

Instagram Gives Unfollow Suggestions in New “Following Categories”

Instagram Update: Helps Users To Unfollow People They Don't Interact With
Instagram Update: Helps Users To Unfollow People They Don’t Interact With

The idea to bring out this feature is to not only help to make more engagement on the website among the user but also to support Instagram. More users mean better revenue for Instagram. As per the reports, already the annual revenue is of around $20 billion.

The CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri said on Twitter,

“As of today you can see which Instagram account show up in your feed the most and who you interact with the least.”

“Now you can tap Following on your profile and manage everything from there.”

Instagram has brought the new feature which has categories that divide the list of all of them whom you follow, including “most seen in-feed” and “least interacted with”. This feature helps the users to separate the profile in which they are not interested. It is like a sort of filter.

How to access the new Instagram feature?

Get access to the new feature of Instagram. You need to open your profile and click on “Following”.

There you will see the option of “sorted by” which is set on default. Use this feature and sort the accounts on the basis of date or from the latest to earlier. With this, you can easily clean up your follower list.

You can also easily manage the account which you follow from there–by, change your follow status or click on the three dots on that account which shows the options to manage notifications or mute that account.

This feature helps you to keep track of the people you follow. Instagram announced on Twitter, “Want to see which Instagram accounts show up in your feed the most and which one interacts with the least? Now, just tap on “Following” and manage your list.

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