Instagram Will Drop The Following Tab In Forthcoming Update

Instagram, Facebook acquired social media platform, is working on an update that will remove the “following tab” from the notification menu. That means Instagram will no longer have a dedicated section to see the likes and real-time activities of the people you follow.

Instagram Will Drop the Following Section In Next Update

The company has finally decided to remove the following section; therefore, you cannot spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s real-time Instagram activity anymore. The following section is placed in the heart icon of Instagram, which is the notification panel divided into two parts, Following and You. After the next update, only the “You” tab will be displayed when the user taps on the heart icon.

Instagram Will Drop The Following Tab In Forthcoming Update
Source – Buzzfeed

The following feature was introduced to Instagram in 2011, but a few years back, Instagram introduced an “Explore” feature that can help people to explore new accounts and content to follow. Therefore the company has decided to drop the following tab.

Vishal Shah, Instagram’s Head of Product, said in a report to Buzzfeed that a lot of Instagrammers were not aware of the following tab’s existence. This feature also surprises those ignorant Instagrammers when they come to know that their activities can be easily monitored by anyone who is following them.

Some old tweets of Instagram users suggest that no one ever liked the following tab feature, and finally, Instagram is removing the not so useful following tab in the forthcoming update.

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