Instagram Update: Rolls out Captions for Stories, Here’s How to Use

Instagram has rolled out a new feature for stories, now users can watch stories without sound. This means Instagram will add captions to the Stories and the user can read the caption. This feature will be helpful for deaf people, or those who find it hard to hear.

Instagram Rolls Out Captions for Stories, Reels to Get it Soon

Instagram New Feature Shows Captions for Stories: Here's How to Use

The company announced the feature on its social media platform and has also confirmed to bring this new feature to Reels soon. Using Captions for stories will let the user watch and understand the video without the sound.

The feature is enabled for all Instagram Stories users. Earlier, it was available for IGTV users. The new Captions feature is started rolling out in some countries, and soon it will be available in all markets.

Sometimes you don’t want to hear the sound, especially when you are in a public place. In such a situation, this feature will be helpful as you will just read the captions.

How to use Instagram Auto-Captions for Stories?

To use this feature, first, you need to record a video by using the Stories or Reels option. Or you can also upload a video from the gallery of your phone. After you upload the video, go to Captions sticker, this will convert the text to speech. You can select the fonts, styles of the speech to make it look attractive. Once you are done editing, you can post the video.

In the official statement, Instagram told,

“You may not always be somewhere where you want your sound on, yet you still want to see what your friends and creators are posting. With captions, people can now express themselves in a more effortless yet still meaningful way, and their audience can watch and still engage.”

Recently, TikTok rolled out its own captions feature, which automatically translates the speech from a video to text. And now, Instagram has rolled out the same feature, and the other apps also have live caption features like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams.

The photo-sharing app has already started testing the same feature for Reels and also testing ads on Reels in many countries including India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia.

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