Instagram Briefly Removed From The Google Play Store

While trying to update Instagram, a lot of people online are reporting unavailability of popular social media app, Instagram on the Play store.

The Google Play store app has recently removed the popular social media app Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. As of writing, no such reports have emerged about the security issues within the app.

One of the reasons for the removal could be Instagram’s new version update. As per the reports, Instagram is testing the dark mode version, so probably, there might be a new update for the Instagram app coming soon.

A few weeks ago, Google removed a lot of apps from its play store due to privacy concerns and adware. There are no confirmed reports for a reason behind Instagram being removed from the Play Store, and no tweets or updates are coming from Facebook, Instagram or Google as of now.

Instagram removed from Play store

However, the app is still available on the web version of the Google Play store and no Apple users have reported the issue yet.


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