Instagram Reels Bring ‘Remix a Reel’ Feature Similar to TikTok Duet

Instagram has officially launched a new feature called Remix for Reels that is similar to the TikTok duet feature. Remix a reel offers to record a reel video with the other user video. We have seen many duets from TikTok, and now the same thing is available for Instagram reels also.

Instagram Reels Now Let’s You Make a Duet Reels Video

Instagram Reels Bring 'Remix a Reel' Feature Similar to TikTok Duet

This new feature is already available for some of the users, and soon will be seen for everyone. Last year in October, Instagram started testing this feature that allowed selected users to use it and check. Finally, now it is available globally.

The feature will be seen only on new uploaded reels, so if you want to use your old reels then you can reupload them.

How to use Remix Feature on Instagram Reels?

  1. First, open the Instagram app and go to the Reels sections.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu on a video and tap on the “Remix this Reel” option.
  3. The screen will split into two, one with the original Reel and the other is your own new one.
  4. Start recording side by side and finish.

Once you are done, you can make a change to the volume of the video, or can add a voiceover. You can edit the video as per your wish and then publish the Remix.

After you publish your Remix reels, you can see them with other reels you have recorded on your Instagram profile. In Instagram’s Activity tab, you can check who has remixed your content.

The feature is already rolled out for Android and iOS users, if your app did not get then update it or wait for few days. The Remix feature is enabled by default on all new Reels from a public account.

As the feature will be enabled by default, you can disable it if you want to. Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Reels >> Enable remixing. Simply toggle off the disable remixing reels option.

As TikTok is banned in our country, it has got many competitors like Instagram Reels, Snapchat’s Spotlight, YouTube’s Shorts. But all these apps lack TikTok-like features. Bringing Remix on Reels is the first step for changing the perception.

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