Instagram Reels Can Now Be Saved & Shared, Gets New Audio Features

Instagram reels have added a new feature of audio which makes it more similar to TikTok. Reels have got a new update in which it now allows the user to save and share their videos. Now, all the Instagram users can save audio from reels and can share the audio pages with other users.

Now You Can Save & Share Your Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels can now be saved and shared

In the latest update, Instagram Reels now lets you upload your own audio or can use a music track from the list. The process of saving clips is the same as saving Instagram posts. You just need to click on the audio and then click on the save icon at the top corner of the screen. All these saved audio will be seen under saved posts on Instagram. All the audio files are under the “Audio” folder.

Reels now lets you choose audio from your saved collection. Instagram also has not allowed users to use audio from other Reels at the same time as you cannot save the clip in your library and then use it. All the audios which are saved as Audio Page in your saved collection can be shared through Direct Messages. The DM icon is there on the audio page of Reels which is made by using that audio clip.

Instagram is also bringing a new audio browser feature to highlight Reels which are made with popular music. In the audio browser, there will be two sections “For You” and “Trending“. Here all those songs will be highlighted, which are trending on the app. And it will also recommend songs for you.

However, not all the features are available for all users. Soon, all the features will be available for everyone.

Instagram is trying its best to make Reels popular among users. It regularly brings updates to the app. Last month, Instagram added a dedicated button for Reels. It also extended the time limit to create a video up to 30 seconds.

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